The Jetpoint Team

Jetpoint Team - Simon Whitehead - Director and Chief Engineer

Simon Whitehead

Director and Chief Engineer

Simon brings decades of experience from servicing helicopters and fixed wing all over Australia and PNG.

Licenced in all categories including avionics and weight control, Simon’s philosophy is “Keep it safe without wasting time or money”.

Having studied Law at Griffith University, Simon also has a good understanding of the CASA regulations and how they apply to aircraft operations.

Jetpoint Team - Paul Whitehead - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Paul Whitehead

Helicopter LAME

Having been involved in helicopter servicing since he was a teenager, Paul already has huge experience in a wide range of machines.
He has engine/airframe licensing on most helicopters, and specialises in field work.
Besides routine servicing, Paul is competent in track and balance, and vibration analysis. Paul is factory trained and holds a private helicopter licence.
As a valuable asset to the company, Paul is the Deputy Chief Engineer and takes on a lot of the management duties.

Jetpoint Team - Samantha Hooper - Admin Manager

Samantha Hooper

Administration Manager

Samantha is often the first point of contact for many customers.
As one of our most valued employees, Samantha is widely involved in all aspects of managing the business.
She is highly skilled and multi talented, with qualifications in accounting and business management.

Samantha has a great relationship with parts suppliers all over the world, which enables Jetpoint to procure parts quickly and economically.

Jetpoint Team - Greg Lane - Fixed Wing and Helicopter Lame

Greg Lane

Fixed wing and Helicopter LAME

Jetpoint’s longest serving employee is also one of its most valued.
A highly competent fixed wing and helicopter LAME, Greg by virtue of his skill and attention to detail, usually manages larger, complex projects such as crash repairs or full restorations.
Unusually for a perfectionist, Greg is able to work his magic at a pace that leaves most other engineers in his dust – Bringing a smile to our customer’s faces!

Jetpoint Team - Patrick Houghton - Fixed Wing and Helicopter Lame

Patrick Houghton

LAME - Robinson Specialist

Our Robinson 22/44/66 specialist, Pat is a LAME with increasing experience on other common types.
Along with Paul, Pat performs a lot of our field maintenance. His work ethic is to get the job done speedily and safely, which has made him popular with many clients.

Pat also has a commercial helicopter pilot licence and is a highly valued member of the team.

Jetpoint Team - Joshua Martin - Trainee Engineer

Joshua Martin

Trainee Engineer

Joshua began his training at a prominent Helicopter operator in South Africa, and immigrated to Australia in 2015.

He has had Rotax factory training, and is building his experience on a wide variety of aircraft. He currently has RAA Level 2 Authorisation, and is working towards a LAME licence.
His enthusiasm for aviation and customer service is second to none!